Follow As The Crow Flies LP (Full Session)

by Four Letter Word

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Welly: Vocals
Jon: Guitar
Nick: Guitar
Dale Nixon: Bass
Glenn: Drums


released June 19, 2009

Lyrics: Welly
Music: Four Letter Word
Design: Welly
Recorded by: Frankie Stubbs



all rights reserved


Four Letter Word Cardiff, UK

Punk rock band formed in 1991 in Cardiff, U.K. Released debut EP in 1995, debut album in 1998 on BYO Records. Toured U.S./Canada in 1998. Released second album on BYO in 1999 before Trade Mark issues with the first of many name claimers. FLW fought and won and soldiered on releasing two further albums and a handful of EPs, toured the U.S. again, before in 2011 they called it a day after 20 years. ... more

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Track Name: City Of The Blind

We are permanently confined in the city of the blind
It’s the price of security
They think we’ve lost our minds in the city of the blind With illusions of liberty
For we are much maligned in the city of the blind
But we are misunderstood
Whoever looks behind in the city of the blind
Leads for the common good

In the city of the blind
We can’t see what we can’t fight
In the city of the blind
Out of mind is out of sight
In the city of the blind
We face the flag and sing
In the city of the blind
Where the one eyed man is king

With our fates intertwined in the city of the blind
To some golden age we cling
We find ourselves resigned in the city of the blind
That we will not again take wing

It was cruel to be kind in the city of the blind
For all our eyes still sting
Then we took down the signs to the city of the blind
As more visitors they’d bring
Track Name: 20,000 Leagues Beneath The Scene

Here’s to all the gutless haters
Whisperers, the overstaters
And the shoulders on which they cry
Here’s to those who wish we’d split
Gave us reason not to quit
Wishing we’d crawl off and die

Who goes there with their nose in the air? 
The hipster never was has been
Scenester seeking peer approval
Wishing for our swift removal
20,000 leagues beneath the scene

Here’s to sympathetic ears
An easy way to climb the tiers
Drawing daggers inside the cloak
This one’s for the shameful fakes
Bobby Come Lately and the flakes
Lost without a beard to stroke

This one’s for the janus creed
Misery loves company
Sharpening their combat butter knives
Here’s to the two-faced frauds
All the nothing their hate affords
Raise a glass to their shallow lives
Track Name: The Claw

We met under awkward circumstance
When I instigated our whirlwind romance
Pretty soon you were lying in my bed
Say hello to the monsters in my head

I’m a bully, I’m a creep
Are you fast asleep?
Because it’s time for smotherly love
I laugh as you weep
Now you’re in too deep
The claw, the claw in the velvet glove

Our domestic bliss was perfect and sublime
Once I’d battered you that very first time
Insecure, I’m a wreck, I’m jealous and obsessed
And they say that women are the weaker sex

I’ll never let you leave and I know you’ve tried
And if you do it again I’ll threaten suicide
Even though a coward never carries it through
I really am just nothing without you
Track Name: Bargain Bin Of History

A day late and twenty short, just the kind of thing
You don’t give a second thought
You’ve heard it once, you’ve seen it all
And knowing us we were headed for a fall
Kinda average, lacking spark
Just the sort of thing that’s always short of the mark
We’ll be in cheap boxes after E
Taking our place in the bargain bin of history

We had some chances, blew ‘em all
Hit the ground running but it ended in a crawl
Of all the things, we have seen
We’d probably trade ‘em for a hill of magic beans
We hate to pause, and recollect
Do us a favour what the hell did you expect?
You’ll find three, under counters before G
Taking our place in the bargain bin of history

If it’s not the beat, is it humility?
If it’s not the talent, is it lack of ability?
Bad timing, bad luck
Or is it just the fact that we often simply suck?
When we’re older, looking back
Hope we don’t get another panic attack
Shit, there’s more copies under R, I and P
Taking our place in the bargain bin of history
Track Name: Breakthrough Song

We needed a wider audience and there was no harm to try
Many dozens went before us and they got hung out to dry
But we’re in another league we’ll make them work for us
We respect our loyal fanbase but it’s franchise rights or bust

Hey, this is our breakthrough song
It’s pointless to deny it, we really hope they (you) buy it

Well all glory now is fleeting and our three record term is done
We sold a lot of t-shirts but we didn’t get to number one
We got a statement from the label and it’s fifty grand in the red
So it’s a better time than any to declare that Punk is dead

After the dust has setted and the books see us reform
We’ll plan our comeback album get ready for a return to form
We’ll get back to the basics and quench a midlife thirst
We’re going through the motions but it sounds just like the first

Can you hear us reinvent the pose
With eyeliner and imagined foes?
Can you hear us raise our voice
Over loud guitars and feedback noise?
Can you hear us appeal to reason
With black t-shirts for all our legion?
Can you hear us deliver our lectures
Apathetic record collectors?
Track Name: Vacant Lot

Well now the rent is truly spent
I give to you one last lament
Of the avaricious creed and their behaviour
The constant urge to tear it down
Replace the face of this old town
Progressively ingrained systemic failure

Where did we go wrong? I don’t know
Vacant lots to go

There’s a corner plot regenerating
A future ghetto slum in waiting
When will recession flight really start to bite?
There’s a sprawling mall like a funeral pall
And the smog still lingers with congestion toll
The cracks will start to show the urban blight

Developmental land acquired
For a brand new flagship gleaming spire
Vacant lots awaiting breadline tenancies
I remember when this was all just fields
Now supermarket profit yields
From a global workforce starving overseas
Track Name: Kid Against The Wall

Please share it with the class you can never hope to pass
You’ll never amount to anything or anyone at all
In a world all of your own your chance will soon be blown
You’ll never amount to anything or anyone at all

You’re a man now, act your age
Wake up from that adolescent daze
Get your head down, realise
This is it for the rest of your life
Hey kid, hey kid, your back’s against the wall

If only you spent your time on your books instead of rhyme
You’ll never amount to anything or anyone at all
Better start to make me proud get your head out of the clouds
You’ll never amount to anything or anyone at all

There’s a little place I reside where my time I quietly bide
I dug this black hole for when your lectures take their toll
In this space I can hide there’s only room for one inside
It’s full music, it’s full of art, it’s full of hope and that’s a start

I go there after school
A dark place and a crudely fashioned tool
Digging down, breaking out,
I’m gone and you don’t have a clue
Hey kid, hey kid, your back’s against the wall
Track Name: A Chink In The Armour

There’s a lot to be said, for youth and impatience
Not seeking new sounds on, radio stations
Looking for something, but we didn’t know “what...
You rebelling against? What you got?”

There’s a chink in the armour that’s letting in light
But you know you’re never too old to fight
Yeah, they’d all hate to admit that they’re wrong
That maybe we were right all along

We found there were others, across the lands
So we wrote a few letters, to faraway bands
We didn’t have much, so we traded on dreams
And printed the results, in photocopied zines

Youth wasn’t wasted on the young
We still feel the same now the songs are sung
And we still feel the warmth from those distant embers
An idea’s never lost as long as someone remembers
Track Name: Unfinished Symphonies

Oh no, I’ve done it again
I forgot it, before I found a pen
It was right there, but then it blurred
It was the best song that you never heard

It had this catchy verse that would’ve grabbed you first
With this great production on the introduction
As the hookline grew before the chorus flew
It stopped, and then it took it’s cue

Unfinished symphonies - In my head, they come to me when I’m sleeping, in time and in keeping
Unfinished symphonies - In my head, but when I wake up, they’ve all fled

With lines so concise you couldn’t use ‘em twice
And they so conveyed what I tried to say
As the rhymes unfurled as around they swirled
So good, they could’ve changed the world

Unfinished symphonies, unfinished symphonies

Well “now I guess I'll have to tell ‘em
That I got no cerebellum”
Along the way I just lost my thread
So I wrote another average one instead
Track Name: Street Where I Grew Up

Rain rain come another day, freezing box room disarray
Condensation made mold on the window pane, to the echoing late night shunting train
I’d lie on my bed and stare at ceiling tiles, in my mind I'd fly 10,000 miles
Count up the years to how old I’d be, that wasn’t gonna happen to me

Not much changes year on year
Whatever his name is may still be here
There was always a storm in some teacup
On the street where I grew up

I found a universe in a cardboard box, on the flood plain fields by the tower blocks
I'd lie on my back and stare at the sky, seeing monsters in the towering cumuli
I learnt what it meant to get to know your class, sat in the cloakroom for learning too fast
After that I only cared for the out of bounds, and I saved up to buy it on my paper rounds

I didn’t know any punks but I knew some skins, when my old bike went out with the bins
Escaping the estate had required some skill, dodging wild dogs riding up Crown hill
Rejection hit the gut like the bully’s punch, crossing the train tracks walking home for lunch
Counting cracks in the pavement in the summer sun, chip off the old block, my father’s son
Track Name: Unconditional (Revisited) (Session Bonus)

Now I see it, slip slipping away
Sometimes I notice, just how I have aged
Drawing conclusions, in the lines on my face
Run out of fingers, trying to count the days
You know what really, bothers me the most
I never could allow, anything that close
Keep my distance, well behind the lines
Everything's taken, taken away...

In time, I will lose everything I care about
In time, either you or me will have to learn to live without
In time, the coins will overflow the wishingwell
In time, maybe this will all cease to be so unconditional
Unconditional, unconditional, unconditional

Not so long ago, it all seemed viable
But now theory's so, unreliable
There's never any doubt, you can fulfill your dreams
When indestructible, teenage machines
I'm still angry, but now I realise
I see the cycle slowly, turning in my eyes
It's irretrievable, so easily won or lost
Like terrafirma, lying dormant in permafrost

In time, I will lose everything I care about
In time, either you or me will have to learn to live without
In time, the coins will overflow the wishingwell
In time, maybe this will all cease to be so unconditional
Unconditional, unconditional, unconditional

You can only hold on, for a short time
'Til your fingers will, lessen their grip on the twine
Tired muscles, find it hard to cope
Before you know, you're at the end of the rope
There's never gonna be, near enough time
You're always gonna be, cut down in your prime
I can't afford to let, let myself forget
The wheel's in motion, the hourglass is set

In time, I will lose everything I care about
In time, either you or me will have to learn to live without
In time, the coins will overflow the wishingwell
In time, maybe this will all cease to be so unconditional
Unconditional, unconditional, unconditional, unconditional