An Invitation To A Hanging EP (Final Full Session)

by Four Letter Word

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Welly: Vocals
Jon: Guitar
Nick: Guitar
Gavin: Bass
Glenn: Drums


released April 29, 2010

Lyrics: Welly
Music: Four Letter Word
Except: Track 3
Design: Welly



all rights reserved


Four Letter Word Cardiff, UK

Punk rock band formed in 1991 in Cardiff, U.K. Released debut EP in 1995, debut album in 1998 on BYO Records. Toured U.S./Canada in 1998. Released second album on BYO in 1999 before Trade Mark issues with the first of many name claimers. FLW fought and won and soldiered on releasing two further albums and a handful of EPs, toured the U.S. again, before in 2011 they called it a day after 20 years. ... more

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Track Name: Barbed Wire Psychosis

There’s no end of funds for bullets and bombs
And ways to convince you of needs
To send your poor sons with bayonets and guns
To far foreign deserts to bleed
There’s no limit on time for promoting the crime
Of mass murder and despicable acts
All under the guise of Christian lies
And a ministry disposing of facts

We don’t want ‘em – take ‘em all away
We don’t need ‘em – take ‘em all away
Once crowds chanted for what we take for granted
Take their lives, just take ‘em all away
(Take our rights/’em all, just take ‘em all away)

There’s no cap on crap designed to entrap
And stop you averting your gaze
There’s never an end to what they’ll defend
To ensure that the wallet obeys
Column miles in inches to see that it clinches
Vox pop of desired effect
Advancing hypnosis, barbed wire psychosis
The subject becomes the suspect

There’s no ceiling on ways they’ll be setting ablaze
Conversations about us and them
There’s always some stranger perception of danger
Or a worker you need to condemn
From immigrant labour to suspecting your neighbour
They’ll get you however they can
There’s no end in sight to what they will write
To destroy faith in the common man
Track Name: Third Party Fire And Theft

There’s an old man in an overcoat
Too scared to use the heat
Cuz the best thing for free markets
Is let the dominant compete
The woman walks and ponders
Gang grafitti on the walls
While the addict on the overpass
Weighs his odds to end it all

Third party, fire and theft
Survey the damage, see what’s left
Lives of quiet desperation
Third party, fire and theft
Third party

The young girl switches channels
She can’t bear to watch the news
Cuz it tells her that her future
Is menial jobs, unemployment queues
The rain beats on the rooftops
But it doesn’t shift the grime
While hooded youth in doorways
Discuss fictitious petty crime

The politician tells them
Their society’s in disrepair
And the breakdown in their morals
Is unconnected to his affair
Then he quickly shifts attention
To the theatre of foreign wars
With a hand-picked crowd behind him
Awaiting cues for staged applause
Track Name: Putsch Comes To Shove

Prior to announcements with baited breath
We circulate the statements to the waiting press
Selected cuts of fodder to the beying pack
They tear off what suits them and throw the rest back

Putsch comes to shove - oh-woah-oh - Death from above

With public property but private prosperity
We’ll keep ‘em in the throes of wartime austerity
Racking up the debts to keep ‘em all kneeling
Craning their necks at the looking-glass ceiling

With barons in our pockets to orchestrate coups
The masses hand us mandates but haven’t got a clue
They’re tightening their belts while ex-pat tax exiles
Manipulate the future of power in these isles